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Extreme action begins with xtreme bike! now in uae!
21st October 2013

want to see live xtreme motorbikes exhibitions?! now you can see it closer and be right exactly on the game with xtreme bikes!

the thrill and exhibition that everyone is looking for a real extreme motorbikes can now be experienced in this smallest but terribly, unbelievably, amazingly newest collectible item in the world  today - xtreme bikes!!!! having all the amazing features of real powerful motorbikes, xtreme bikes will surely be another craze of boys of all ages.

xtreme bike 7 amazing features includes: super high speed, super wheelies, inverted spins, 360 degree spins on the tip of a pen, run up to 30 meter long (over 90 feet), gyro spins, 360 degree flips.

moreover, xtreme bikes got an especially architectured looping track sets and three different shapes of ramps for more extreme action racing gameplay. xtreme bikes are available in 34 different colors and types; classic, metallic, and advanced, making it more enjoyable and exciting to collect!

coming very soon to your favorite toy shops near you! so watch out! 


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