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Don´t Take Buster´s Bones! Now in UAE!
13th October 2013

Do you want a very thrilling and very suspense game that you could surely enjoy with your friends? this is surely what you are looking for! introducing – don’t take buster’s bones!

Buster is a friendly old dog. Like all dogs he doesn’t like anyone taking his bones. He loves to sleep but he never leaves his plate unguarded from the little children in the neighborhood who are trying to steal his colorful bones. Whenever kids dare to get buster’s bones, they are really being extra careful. Because once they awaken Buster up, they will get scared and run away!

This game is very easy to play and enjoy with friends and family. All you need to do is to pick a card and collect the number of bones indicated without waking Buster up. The player with the most number of bones wins.


Watch this out from your favorite toy shops near you!


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