Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile

White Heart is one of the Top Toy Distributors in the whole Middle East  and North Africa (MENA) Region. Through its inexorable effort in partnering prudently to unparalleled toy makers worldwide, the company has stably maintained its name as a reliable provider in catering only the best-of-breed products to different areas of various gulf countries. 

Today, White Heart is proud to proclaim that its toys have successfully penetrated almost all the doorsteps of homes and schools, enriching and contributing to children’s lives and welfare. Moreover, each product mainly targets not only to give joy but to enhance and encourage strong family ties through group play.

Soaring even much higher,  White Heart‘s  thrust is only to the continuous expansion of its business with the aim to open more and more offices in different regions to serve its growing number of valued partners and end-customers  as it is doing well in UAE, KSA, Qatar and now in Jordan. 

Having all what it takes to keep an edge over competition, White Heart will always be ready to meet demanding market expectations towards sure growth on the coming years.



The following are the Core Values and Beliefs of White Heart where we hold and stand for the benefits of the industry that we serve:

FIRM The stability of White Heart has been proven for years now. Proudly, our company guarantees that partnering with us is worth every investment.
UNIQUE White Heart commits itself in the catering of exceptional toys that will surely give a delightful new playing experience to the market.
NOBLE Enrichment of tots, children and teenagers lives and welfare is the unrelenting duty of White Heart. The company dedicates itself in providing only products that will promote and enhance the market’s moral value.



  1. To become the leading Toy Distributor in the whole Middle East and North Africa Region, as measured by market leadership in its own field and customer satisfaction
  2. To provide high quality of products to retail sectors and to its end-customers
  3. To consistently maintain a state of maximum competitiveness and professionalism




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